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Wellness Ambassador Program

We believe a team of people can have a much greater impact on the lives of those around us than a group of individuals ever could. We want to reach our goal of helping as many people as we can as often as we can. But the truth is, we can't do it alone. My Doctor Suggests needs and wants your help. Each and every day we celebrate the success the products from My Doctor Suggests grant you, your family members, and even your pets!

Our Boxes Overflow With Testimonials

(You can't imagine how much it warms our hearts to see your successes!)

We want to thank our family of customers, so we are offering an opportunity for those that believe in us and our products. This opportunity is a unique method of earning a commission for each person that you refer to My Doctor Suggests.

And it gets even better!

We spent months analyzing other programs, and have taken feedback from our loyal customers, as well as looking at different models that work and others that don’t. Based on the feedback we received, we are offering the following program, giving you the ability to grow alongside us and help so many more people in need. Please join us today!

We appreciate everything you do for us, and want to give back.


Wellness Ambassador Program

We explored many different compensation models and wanted to ensure our offer could lead to a long-term relationship (with lots of opportunity around every corner) between you and My Doctor Suggests. In traditional models, people that refer someone to a company get compensation for the first time someone purchases a product(s). This is normally referred to as an affiliate program, and you might have even tried some.

The second model is a multi-level marketing method where someone builds an organization of people below them and shares in the success of the overall organization that they have built. However, there are many holes in this model and essentially "hoops" to jump through to fully realize the overall compensation that could be earned. In many cases this model works against the people putting in the hard work to become successful.

The truth is, neither of these models is quite right for how we envision your experience in the Wellness Ambassador Program. So, we did what we do best...looked at the data, formulated a couple hypotheses, ran some simulations, and looked at the data. After we saw how well silver works for our customers, it's no surprise the team at My Doctor Suggests formulated a program taking the best of each model that is user-friendly and benefits our partners (meaning you) right away and years from now.

The My Doctor Suggests Wellness Ambassador Program creates a bonus referral commission structure that compensates you on two tiers.

The First tier, being someone you personally invite and becomes a customer of My Doctor Suggests.

For this tier we offer you a 12.5% commission on the first order and a lifetime commission on every order the new customer places. We are also giving you a lifetime commission on every new customer they refer to My Doctor Suggests!

  • Tier 1: 12.5% Commission!
  • Tier 2: 7.5% Commission!

Ok, Is all this a fancy way of describing an MLM?

Absolutely Not!
We offer a commission structure paying 2 tiers deep with unlimited width. But it was important to ensure we weren't subjecting our customers to an MLM.

Here’s why…
If you have ever been involved with one in the past, or know someone who was…

You understand being successful is extremely difficult. The compensation models are complicated, so that someone new could not earn anything without great difficulty, personal expense, and tons of people working below them. Those programs focus only on money and wealth (with the disclaimer that "these results are not typical" in fine print) and create false hope. Multi-level programs force people to create expensive autoship programs, charge monthly fees, and stack complex stipulations for participants to receive a monthly income.

The My Doctor Suggests Wellness Ambassador Program has been carefully designed to create success for everyone. We lead with the results of the amazing products formulated by Dr. Gordon Pedersen. It’s the results of Alkaline Structured Silver and the healing we see each and every day that leads the charge on this initiative. This is why you have the opportunity, starting now, to further dedicate your time to growing with us.

What it Is...and What it Isn't

The My Doctor Suggests Ambassador program DOES include the following:

  • 12.5% Commission earned on every person you introduce that becomes a customer of My Doctor Suggests (Tier 1)
  • 7.5% Commission earned on every person that is referred by the person that you initially introduced, who becomes a customer of My Doctor Suggests. (Tier 2)
  • Private training online with Dr Gordon Pedersen and Doug Godkin
  • Private Facegroup group with Dr Gordon Pedersen and Doug Godkin
  • No minimum purchase to earn commissions
  • Replicated website created for you
  • Full back end online login that allows you to manage your referrals and track your commissions.
  • Special promotions

The My Doctor Suggests Wellness Ambassador Program DOES NOT require the following:

  • Minimum purchase amounts
  • Enrollment fees
  • Monthly fees
  • BV Points
  • PV Points
  • Balancing of Legs
  • Complicated formulas for commissionable earnings

As you can see we developed this system for simplicity; you can explain to someone in one minute on a napkin. But, with initiative, you can create an amazing residual income stream.

Let’s look at an example. (Please note that this is a real world example based on what we see each and every day from our customers based on the results of the product):

You have five (5) people you've introduced to My Doctor Suggests. Each spends $100.00, so you make $12.50 (12.5%) x 5 = $62.50. Each one of your referrals refers five (5) people, and each of those five (5) spends $100.00; you earn 5 x 5 x $7.50 = $187.50. As you can see this grows very quickly for you and who couldn’t use an additional $250.00 (or more) to help pay bills each month.

This is a real-world example we see daily. We regularly see a new customer just like you join My Doctor Suggests as a new customer to experience our products. After a short period of time most people will see a result with the product that gives them an amazing testimonial story that they share with friends and family members. Based on this form of organic word of mouth marketing, we thought that it was an amazing opportunity to be able to share the success with people like yourself for helping us continue to grow and help others.

The Wellness Ambassador Program has the width and opportunity for people to generate an ongoing growing revenue stream with no ceiling of income opportunities!